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Pond Management Services

Herbicide & Algaecide Application:

Experienced state certified applicators' can perform various types of control for nuisance submerged, floating, and/or emergent pliant species, as well as algae control. Northern Michigan Aquatics, Inc., only uses aquatic products that are registered and approved for use by regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA), and the Michigan Department Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).


Natural Solutions for Ponds


Say Goodbye to murky water... mucky bottoms... and unsightly debris once and for all!

Let Airmax's 4-Step help you overcome your pond's self-destructive life cycle. Over time organic matter from plants, animals and debris begin to accumulate in your pond. This causes excessive algae blooms and troublesome pond weeds. Your once pristine pond is now a stagnant "water jungle". Thanks to Airmax's 4-Steps, you can reverse this damage and enjoy a cleaner pond year after glorious year!

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The ClearPac was designed to end the guesswork of creating and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The ClearPac solves the issues that so many pond owners face such as: Poor water quality, unwanted muck, fish health, and maintaining crystal clear water.



Sub-surface such as bubblers and aeration can be advantageous in supplementing oxygen in an existing waterbody suffering from low levels.


Surface water movement can be achieved by the addition of a water fountain, which is also aesthetically pleasing to both see and hear. Northern Michigan Aquatics Inc. offers a complete line of fountains, surface and sub-surface aeration systems, as well as an extensive line of accessories. Custom installation, removal, and seasonal storage services can also be provided.

Biological Augmentation:

Along with aeration, bioaugmentation is the process of using biological means to proactively improve water quality or reduce certain sediments (muck) in a waterbody.  If you have been wondering how to get rid of that nasty muck around your beach area where the kids like to swim, this is an alternative with relatively quick results rather than dredging.  If your water is always cloudy or has significant smelly algae blooms, there could be an imbalance of the water chemistry.  With a check of a few water quality parameters, adding proper dosages of anerobic bacteria is definitely worth considering. 


When you call our office needing more information, we can set up a site visit to look at your problem and come up with a real solution. A proper plan can then be set up for you to implement yourself or have our experts handle the whole process for you taking the guesswork out of it.  By following our outlined process, you will notice a 2 inch reduction of muck per month after the initial application!

Call us today to learn more.

Invasive Emergent Phragmites Control

Phragmites, phragmites australis is becoming more invasive with each passing season in the Great Lakes region out competing native more beneficial wetland plant species. This environmental degrading wetland and coastal plant can be permitted for herbicide treatment, followed by mowing. Our company has the capabilities to provide the permitted herbicide application, and work together with a responsible contractor for the final seasonal mowing process. To find out more information "click" area of interest provided below or go to the EGLE website,9429,,00.html


Water Quality Analysis:

Sampling can provide valuable information regarding the health of your pond or it's surrounding environment. Many different parameters can be measured to provide data to help make important pond management decisions.

Pond Studies/Surveys/Mapping:

In depth study can be performed, including aquatic plant identification, plant acreage assessment, or detailed bathymetic mapping with the aid of Geographic Information System (GIS)

Permit Preparation/Submittal:

Permit preparation and/or permit submittal may be necessary for individual homeowners or groups considering their own management activities. Northern Michigan Aquatics Inc., can streamline this process providing valuable assistance.

Contracted Services Include:

- Pond Dredging

- Fish Stocking


Our company representative may be available for meeting with individuals pond owners, sporting clubs, commercial developers, golf courses, or designated project representatives to discuss their needs do that the proper management decisions can be determined.

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