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Northern Michigan Aquatics, Inc. can help design a natural looking water garden that would best fit your yard and provide the most relaxing atmosphere.  We will help you choose the proper location, size, and shape that is right for your yard and budget.

Spring/Fall Maintenance:  

We can provide spring cleanouts to jump start your water feature in the spring and also a fall winterization to get ready for the winter season.  We have the ability and equipment to handle these tasks leaving you to truly enjoy your water feature or pond.  
Educational Seminars/Presentations:  

Educational workshops and seminars are occasionally held for local schools, special interest groups and community events. Workshops are held periodically at our location during the year. 

Presentation topics are as follows:  Container Gardening, 20 Pond Myths Destroyed, Fall Shut-Down, Spring Start-Ups, Pond Contruction, Pond Design, Pond Ecology, Pond Fish 101, Pond Plants, So You're Thinking about a Pond, etc.

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Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm


Oct 1st - March 31
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