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Looking for Lake Management Services?

Why spend thousands of dollars on  a vacation that whisks you away from the daily pressures of life for only a week or two in order to experience this relaxation? 

Invite the idea of a water garden into your mind where you can relax, enjoy the beauty, and hear the soothing sound of  flowing water in your own backyard! 


Water Gardens
Pondless Waterfalls

Being child-friendly, Pondless Waterfalls fit in the smallest of places and has virtually no maintenance.  It's no wonder it's one the best sellers! 
Container Water Gardening
Container Water Gardens can range from a simple container of water with a single, floating Water Hyacinth to an elaborate set up of pumps, plumbing, plants, fountains, and almost anything in between.  The possibilities are endless!

Decorative Features
Decorative Features provide homeowners with a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor living space.  These items offer customers with smaller spaces more options for enjoying the relaxing sounds of water.
A perfect addition to your pond, these decorative Spitters invite vistors to sit and stay awhile.  They send delightful sounds of water and adds enjoyment to your pond!

Aquatic Plants
Vibrant aquatic plants are truly the emerald jewels of the water gardening world!  Beautiful and low maintenance, aquatic plants provide a truly unique accent to any water garden. 
We carry a huge supply of hardy and tropical aquatic plants:  Floaters (Water Lettuce and Hyacinths), Marginals (growing in shallow water at the edge), and hardy water lilies.

Fish are part of any naturally-balanced aquatic ecosystem.  Koi and goldfish come in all the different colors of the rainbow, with intriguing body patterns that allows one to watch, wonder, and ponder the aquatic circle of life.  We carry several types of fish including:  Goldfish, Fantails, Sarasa Comets, Butterfly, and Premium Koi
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